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Payroc LLC Acquires the iTransact Group

10 October 2016

Chicago-based Payments Company Payroc Continues Business Expansion

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TINLEY PARK, Ill., Oct. 10, 2016 (Business Wire) - Payroc LLC, a leading merchant services and payment processing organization, announced today that it has acquired the assets of payment gateway and merchant account provider The iTransact Group, LLC. The transaction results in a notable expansion of Payroc’s payments business, adding 300 trusted advisor referral partners and 6,000 merchants with more than $1.3 billion in annual processing volume. Payroc additionally gains mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology, a proprietary e-commerce gateway, and a proprietary integrated payment facilitator (PayFac) platform that will enhance the delivery of customized vertical market payment solutions for micro, small and medium-sized merchants.

“We are excited about the opportunities and enhanced value we can deliver to referral partners, merchants and employees with our increased scale,” said James Oberman, chief executive officer for Payroc. “The acquisition aligns with Payroc’s deep commitment to exceptional service and payment solutions.”

“We are pleased to welcome the iTransact employees, leadership team, referral partners and merchants to the Payroc family,” said Nicholas Oberman, president of Payroc. “With iTransact, Payroc is uniquely positioned to capitalize on opportunities for significant growth.”

“The iTransact team is excited to join forces with Payroc,” said Stephen Hall, chief executive officer of iTransact. “This winning combination will enable us to enhance the value we provide to our trusted advisor referral partners and their merchant clients through more robust solutions and expanded service offerings.”

Joining the Payroc leadership team from iTransact are David Hall, executive vice president referral partners; Jared Poulson, chief product and technology officer; and Colby Poulson, senior vice president business development and training. Additionally, Porter Hall and Stephen Hall will serve as advisor consultants. Stephen Hall has been appointed to the Payroc board of managers.

Payroc will preserve and maintain the iTransact brand with its strong and long-standing trusted referral partner and merchant relationships, emphasizing continuity and consistency across all business functions, including sales, service, support and operations.

About Payroc LLC

Payroc drives commerce for merchants with anytime, anywhere payment solutions. We serve our merchant and referral partner clients with integrity as trusted advisors and recognized experts in payments, providing transparent pricing clarity and developing personal relationships while delivering exceptional technology. Payroc services and supports more than 10,000 merchants throughout North America, providing stability in payments by safely and securely processing over $3 billion in annual charge volume.

Leveraging the processing network of Vantiv, one of the largest card processing platforms in the United States, Payroc is a registered ISO and payment facilitator of Fifth Third Bank, as well as a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank. Formerly known as Retriever of Chicago, Inc., Payroc is headquartered in the Chicagoland area. Its iTransact business unit is located in Farmington, Utah. For more information, please visit or telephone 844-PAYROC-4.

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