Compatible Online Payment Systems

Online Payment Systems

Payroc’s secure commerce services can be integrated into any open-architecture application, shopping cart, or other online payment systems found on web sites. Communication with Payroc’s transaction servers is accomplished through a standard HTML form POST within an HTML form.

Although we do not have a complete listing of compatible applications, here are a few of them. (If you know of other applications that are compatible, please contact Payroc).

Please note that none of the following applications is maintained or supported in any way by Payroc. All questions and/or problems should be directed to the application developer.


1ShoppingCart logo

Get an eCommerce store and start selling online with 1ShoppingCart. With 1ShoppingCart you have an all-in-one solution, a reliable and secure cart, powerful email marketing tools and a robust product catalog. 1ShoppingCart is trusted by over 3 million customers. You can try it free for 4 weeks!

Pricing starts at $34/month

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Active Merchant is a simple and unified API to access dozens of different payment gateways with very different internal APIs. It was developed for usage in Ruby on Rails web applications and integrates seamlessly as a Rails plugin, but it also works excellently as a stand alone Ruby library. Active Merchant has been in production use since June 2006 and is now used in most modern Ruby applications which deal with financial transactions. It is maintained by the Shopify and Spreedly teams, with much help from an ever-growing set of contributors.

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AgoraCart Logo

AgoraCart is an easy-to-use, full-featured shopping system. This software is distributed free of charge. AgoraCart is very flexible design wise and offers a wide range of functions and features. Pick from one of the available templates or create your own. AgorgaCart utilizes Web-based administration, UPS or fixed-rate shipping, PGP/GnuPG ready, including integration of Payroc signature verification, "Plug and Play" templates, and Much More!

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AShop Deluxe

AShop Deluxe Logo

AShop Deluxe – Shopping Cart and Affiliate Tracking Software AShop Deluxe is a is a shopping cart software written in PHP with a MySQL database. It is installed on your website and controlled through a web-based aministration panel which you login to using your favorite web browser. It can be customized through templates to smoothly integrate with an existing website.

This shopping cart software is priced at $249.00

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AspDotNetStorefront Logo

AspDotNetStorefront, in all its fullness, has everything you will ever need. Platform, partners, plug-ins. With built-in SEO, promotion and marketing tools, and the flexibility and stability of the .NET platform, AspDotNetStorefront is the only shopping cart your business can’t outgrow.

Pricing starts at $120/mo.

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Cart32 Logo

Cart32 is a Windows based shopping cart system. Used by hundreds of e-commerce companies around the world, Cart32 has obtained the reputation of being a highly functional and customizable shopping cart system. Efficiency, simplicity, and dependability characterize the operation of Cart32.

Pricing is either $49.95/mo or $499.95/yr

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CartManager Logo

CartManager is perfect for the small to mid-size business who wishes to sell products on the web with a “big business” presence. Used by thousands of merchants all over the world; CartManager has been providing easy to use, secure, online shopping cart solutions since 1998. Unlimited products and orders, customizable, real-time shipping calculations, simple and secure checkout, eBay and QuickBooks integration, and phone and email support.

CartManager offers a free 14 day trial

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Continue To Give

ContinueToGive Logo

Continue To Give is a faith-based online tithing and giving platform founded on Biblical principles and designed for churches, missionaries, nonprofits, individuals, and adopting parents. The tools are designed to make the giving process easier and more convenient. There are several ways to give. Kiosks, Mobile, Online donation forms, Crowdfunding, and Facebook giving.

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CS.Cart Logo

CS-Cart shopping cart is a turnkey solution that includes all of the necessary features and functions to build successfully an online web store. It is ready to use “out of the box”. With its easy to use functionality you can immediately start to build and operate an ecommerce website of any complexity: from a one-product shop to fully-featured online store.

Pricing starts at $385

Click here for the iTransact Module in (.tar) format


CubeCart Logo

CubeCart is an out of the box ecommerce shopping cart software solution which has been written to run on servers that have PHP &MySQL support. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store which can be used to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world.

There are a great deal of powerful features enabling your business to trade online successfully. It is easy to modify the look and feel of your store to match your company’s branding or to sit comfortably beside your existing website due to CubeCart’s powerful HTML template system. CubeCart is robust, flexible, affordable and is supported not only by CubeCart but also by a thriving community of enthusiasts who are keen to recommend it and share their ideas and experience.

CubeCart is open source and 100% free! no software license key required

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Dansie Shopping Cart

Dansie Logo

Any expert of HTML and FTP can easily set up a Dansie Shopping Cart on their website without any knowledge of Perl. There are NO variables needed to be set in the shopping cart script in about 95% of all cases. All variables are located in a separate, easy to edit, plain text data file. Requires no major changes to your site. Unlike some shopping cart software programs, the Dansie Shopping Cart has no limit to the number of items you want to sell with it from your web site. keeps track of the products and prices and automatically calculates shipping, tax and the total for your customer’s convenience.

Pricing starts at $150

Payroc integration instructions are located here


DesignCart Logo

DesignCart is an easy to use, dynamic, scalable and customizable shopping cart solution. DesignCart is perfect for small businesses that wish to sell on the web with a "big-business" presence. DesignCart has great features like Unlimited products and orders, customizable, real-time shipping calculations, simple and secure checkout, eBay and QuickBooks integration, and phone and email support.

Pricing is either $18/mo or $180/year

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eCartsoft Logo

eCartsoft’s shopping cart service is a secure e-commerce solution combining ease of use with unprecedented power. All you need is a standard website (hosted anywhere) and eCartsoft’s turn-key e-commerce service. With a step-by-step guide and free priority tech support you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to sell, take orders, process payments, and distribute digital products. eCartsoft offers real-time check and credit card processing support. Whether you are selling one or five million items, eCartsoft is the perfect e-business companion, since you are not charged according to the number of products you sell.

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise customer, eCartsoft gives you the power, flexibility and scalability you need to conduct your business online. Manage and track customer registrations, order tracking and statistics of your traffic and marketing campaigns.

Use Coupon Code: “iTranPro60fm” to receive free setup and 60% off your first month! That’s a savings of nearly $45.00!

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FreshBooks Logo

FreshBooks is an online invoicing service that allows you to accept online payment. It includes a billing system, online employee time sheets, secure document sharing capabilities as well as contact management software, online reports (including timesheet and invoice reports) and a user friendly control panel that helps you manage your subscription. Users (admin, staff and clients) log into FreshBooks to view, print and/or pay invoices online, submit timesheets and collaborate on the creation of documents. FreshBooks can be customized to take on the appearance of your business to ensure clients and staff feel at home throughout their online experience.

Pricing starts at $15/mo

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HostBill is a powerful and flexible, all-in-one automation, billing, client management and support platform for online businesses. HostBill handles all aspects of running a successful online business, from client acquisition, through invoicing and payment collection, automated service provisioning, and management, to customer service and support. Extensive range of advanced features, multitude of modules and apps and integration with various various control panels, domain registrars, payment gateways, order pages, client panels and more, make it the most comprehensive solution on the market for Hosting, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers, Domain name and SSL Resellers around the globe to automate and manage their online businesses Fast release cycle and regular updates helped the company build a strong community behind the product, confirming that HostBill can make thousands of system administrators and hosting companies owners’ lives better.

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iHTML Merchant

iHTML Merchant Logo

The iHTML Merchant is an affordable, fully customizable system for creating web storefronts. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses, it is both powerful and easy to use. ISPs will appreciate the browser-based administration which allows customers to handle their own configuration and changes. Featuring complete banner ad management, several different payment processing options, professional templates and the ability to handle complex shipping and tax calculations, this system is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get high-end stores online.

The iHTML Merchant runs on Windows and UNIX (BSD, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris) platforms on Apache, O’Reilly, Netscape and Microsoft web servers. Written in the iHTML programming language, this e-commerce solution requires that the server is running iHTML software. Access is the default database engine for Windows as mySQL is for UNIX, however, any ODBC-compliant database software can be used.

pricing starts at $295

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Invoicera Logo

Invoicera is an online billing software which is specifically designed keeping simplicity and online invoicing convenience in mind, while at the same time offering the best of the breed invoicing features. Invoicera has a direct integration with Payroc's Payment Gateway making it easy for you to accept credit catds.

Pricing is $15/mo

Click here for information on Payroc integration.

Click here for general information.


Joomla Logo

Joomla! – Because Open Source Matters. Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

King Cart Systems Shopping Cart Service

King Cart Logo

Fully-integrated with the Payroc Gateway. Setup and management functions are handled via an easy to use web browser interface. You do not need to know any HTML or Perl. However, the cart is infinitely configurable. You can have a working cart in under 15 minutes. A custom entrance page can be created with one click. The cart computes and displays the shipping charges using any formula you wish using the actual cost of the shipment pulled from UPS, USPS or FedEx. Insurance and handling can be added easily to the shipping charges.Taxes can be set for each US state and Canadian province. The cart allows easy quantity pricing, with unlimited quantity breaks. King Cart can be used for offline processing, with sensitive information encrypted with PGP. Technical support is available via email and phone.

No monthly contracts or fees. No upfront or setup charge. Cost can be as low as $.10 per transaction. 30 day free trial.

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Kryptronic ClickCartPro

ClickCartPro Logo

ClickCartPro is the only shopping cart you’ll ever need. This robust PHP, Web Standards Compliant, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) e-commerce engine provides more features than any other application in its class. ClickCartPro supports over 30 payment gateways, Quickbooks and Peachtree Accounting software as well as UPS, FedEx, USPS shipping right out of the box. Most importantly, unlike hosted solutions, your shopping cart is yours if you ever change hosts, all of your hard work is not lost.

Purchase ClickCartPro for $249. You can add installation services for $49

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The Payroc Gateway works with Magento through the X-Payments plugin. This is a free, easy to use plugin. X-Payments works as an intermediary between a shopping card application on one side and payment gateways and 3D-Secure systems on the other side, implementing PCI compliant secure layer that works with credit card data and keeps your applications and systems out of the PCI scope.

Magento 2

Magento 1

NMA Alliance

The National Martial Arts Alliance (NMAA) was founded by Master Jody Horn and Mrs. Emma Horn in 2013 with their goal of creating a martial arts organization that offers more than just an affiliation for school owners. NMAA offers curriculum, instructor training, sales training, consulting, tournaments, community and an all-in-one martial arts school management computer system, Dojo Solutions. Combing all these things makes the NMAA the premier martial arts school affiliation organization.

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oscommerce logo

100% Free Cart Solution!!! Open-Source Catalog

Note: This requires the free Payroc module available below.

osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution under on-going development by the open source community. Its feature packed, out-of-the-box installation allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with absolutely no costs or license fees involved.

With no restrictions or special requirements, osCommerce is able to run on any PHP3 or PHP4 enabled web server, on any environment that PHP and MySQL supports, which includes Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Microsoft Windows environments.

osCommerce 2.2 MS2 is fully compatible with Payroc’s gateway using the module available for FREE below. This is a new version that supports standard and split-form methods. Your own secure certificate is no longer required.

Updates to this module will always be posted here.

Click here for the Payroc Module in (.tar.gz) format

Click here for the Payroc Module in (.zip) format

NOTE: This module is designed on for acceptance of CREDIT CARDS and CHECKS. It is not designed to be used with the gateway’s PayPal API. If you want to use OSCommerce with the gateway – and accept PayPal payments – you will need to install the above module AND the PayPal module for OS Commerce. You can find that module here.

Peak Payment Solutions

Peak Payment Solutions Logo

Peak Payment Solutions provides accurate and efficient fitness club software. The full suite of essential features and functionalities promote substantial growth in health clubs nationwide. Reap the benefits of payment processing with recurring billing.

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Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart logo

Pinnacle Cart is an extremely powerful php shopping cart and web site builder application. Designed from a marketing perspective, this eCommerce application is feature-packed, robust, scalable and easy to use. Pinnacle Cart is the clear choice for serious merchants focused on rapidly and cost effectively deploying, managing and growing a successful web-based business.

Pricing starts at $44.95 / month

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ProductCart logo

Sophisticated shopping cart software that combines advanced e-commerce features with an intuitive administration console. Among its features: unlimited products, multiple product options, dynamic shipping calculator (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL), online credit card processing, offline payment options, featured items, specials, wholesale vs. retail customers, reporting, and order management, built in Mobile, Entirely written in Active Server Pages, it does not require any installation and can be seamlessly integrated with any Web site design.

Pricing starts at $995 for a standard license.

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QuickBizSites logo

QuickBizSites utilizes a DIY approach. It is designed with the average Internet user in mind. Our goal is to provide any organization with the ability to easily publish a high-quality, interactive web site. Our online tools enable anyone with a web browser to control their Internet presence.

QuickBizSites has included everything needed to create a successful web presence. With a web browser and an Internet connection, you are ready to get started. Each site includes web hosting, an easy to use online site editor, interactive components, web site marketing, and visitor management tools.

The shopping cart is preprogrammed to work with your product catalog. When shoppers click to buy an item it will be added to their cart. The shopping cart is linked to the secure checkout area. Tax calculations, shipping using the USPS and UPS automated shipping calculators, and integration with the Payroc gateway is included.

Pricing starts at $19.95 / month

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QuickFee Logo

Increase client satisfaction by providing the payment options they want, all in one location. QuickFee will set your firm up with a custom payment portal within 48 hours. Then you can send clients to your easy-to-use portal offering 3 payment options: Fee financing, EFT/ACH, Credit Card.

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QuickStore logo

Quikstore v3.0 is the complete PHP MySQL shopping cart program solution for your website. You can bolt it on to any existing site or create a new e-commerce website from scratch - in minutes. It includes shopping cart, secure payment plugins and online order management and reporting. You can also now use the free Open Source editor with Quikstore v3.0 to create your entire website content.

Pricing is a one-time payment of $199 which includes 12 months of support

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SalesCart logo

SalesCart will work with any website or no website at all with a Facebook SalesCart. There is no trial-limit and no obligation. You can build a web site store however you want. Use a free/simple web site creation wizard at your hosting company, or a sophisticated CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Joomla, etc.

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ShopFactory logo

ShopFactory is a multi award winning eCommerce solution designed to help you sell online successfully. Build your website and online store on your computer. Manage your orders and customers in the cloud. Amazingly powerful. Super easy to use.

ShopFactory offers Monthly, Yearly, or license pricing

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Sunshop shopping cart

Sunshop logo

Our turnkey, search engine friendly shopping cart system is a complete ecommerce solution packed with an extensive feature list. All of our features, plugins and modules are included in the software price and backed by our 14 day money-back guarantee.

Pricing starts at $199

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Ubercart logo

Ubercart is an open source e-commerce solution fully integrated with the leading open source content management system, Drupal, winner in two categories of the Packt Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Awards. This is a killer combination for anyone looking to build a community around a product, sell access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much more, all while maintaining a seamless connection to your users.

Click here for the compatible Payroc module and integration information.

Ultra Cart

UltraCart logo

A very powerful and simple to use, Multi-User Online E-Commerce Web Site Designer. Very easy to use Template format. Our new developer tool for creating professionally designed Shopping Cart Pages. After trying Ultra5-Cart you will have to agree it is the easiest Multi-User Shopping Cart software available. Checkout with Payroc or secure manual processing. Installation on your server is included in price. Easy Administration with your browser.

Pricing starts at $49.95

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Veracart logo

Connect with Payroc and immediately begin selling products on your website with this flexible, total e-commerce software solution.

Veracart combines ease-of-use, great flexibility, high stability, and a professional look with outstanding, free, and friendly customer support to provide you with the perfect shopping cart solution for your business. This cart can be set up within minutes, and can work with any OS and any website. (SSL certificate included) This hosted solution allows you to easily manage an unlimited number of products, categories, inventory tracking, promotions, and shipping options, all in real time, to allow you to provide exactly what your customers need.

pricing starts at $24 / month

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VIP Cart

VIP Cart logo

VIPCart is an Out-of-the-Box, Feature-Rich, eCommerce, Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart Solution. VIPCart boasts no programming language needed, easy web based installation, 100% template based web store front.

Pricing is $19 one time fee

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VirtueMart logo

VirtueMart: Your free eCommerce Solution! VirtueMart (formerly known as mambo-phpShop) is an Open Source E-Commerce solution to be used together with a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla! (but also works with Mambo). Joomla and VirtueMart are written in PHP and made for easy use in a PHP / MySQL environment.

Click here for integration information.

WebGenie Shopping Cart

WebGenie logo

The TUCOWS “featured ecommerce software”, WebGenie Shopping Cart Professional, lets you create an online store easily and efficiently. Insert the cart into existing pages or create pages from product list, CGIs on your server or on our secure server. Fully customizable page layouts to blend with your site. Tax and delivery calculation.

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You can use this plugin to integrate Payroc's payment gateway with WooCoommerce. It’s a very simple plugin to configure and use – you just need to enter the parameters depending on the payment method you choose. You can connect via JSON API allowing your customers to experience the same UI or you can use the Redirect method which will point to an Payroc payment form.

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Xcart logo

Shopping cart software trusted by thousands of successful business owners worldwide. X-Cart is easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to modify. With Awesome Design Templates you can have your eCommerce site up and running fast. X-Cart is PCI DSS compliant providing peace of mind and security. Easy Integration with Payroc through using the X-Payments Connector which is a free add-on.

Ge the entry level product for free or choose the lifetime license that fits your needs

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