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Traditional Merchant Accounts

Why Payroc? It’s simple: Better Rates, Better Service, and Better Support. There are many companies that offer merchant services, but very few who do it as well as we do, and no one with rates as low as ours. We can save most merchants 10-25% or more on fees; we process transactions on the planet’s largest payment processing network and offer unparalleled support.

  • Trusted Advisors

    CPAs, Accountants, Tax Professionals, Financial Advisors, and Payroll Companies

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  • Go Branded, Go Mobile

    Credit unions, community banks, software, and network marketing

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  • Resellers/Integration

    eCommerce, ISOs, Shopping Carts, and other integration opportunities

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Equipment and Point of Sales Systems:

If you need it, we got it! Payroc provides a full range of credit card processing solutions. Whether it’s an EMV countertop terminal, mobile or wireless technology, Integration with your own Point of Sale, a gateway, custom ecommerce solutions or other peripherals—we can help. No matter your need, our comprehensive offerings allow customers of all sizes to simply, and securely take credit cards. And our prices won’t break the bank!

Mobile Processing (App and Reader):

Payroc’s merchant services remain on the forefront of changing technology. Our mobile applications (apps) and credit card processing devices – are available to any business looking to accept electronic payments. Mobile credit card processing is a real convenience for those businesses that work from a client’s location or for any other reason that takes a business on the road. Our advanced, secure technology lets you safely process all mobile transactions.

Payroc offers all of the same protection and security with our mobile credit card processing that we do with our more traditional services. Here are some of the advantages Payroc Mobile offers to your business:

  • It allows your business to receive payment authorizations in real-time and accept payment anytime, anywhere.
  • It accepts all major credit and debit card types.
  • It’s secure and password-protected.
  • It manages your customers’ information and allows you to email receipts in real-time.
  • It makes trade shows, sales calls, off-site retail opportunities, and other mobile credit card processing situations quicker and easier to deal with.

Remember that mobile credit card processing is also a convenience for your customers. They will not be required to have cash or a check available to complete a purchase. You can quickly and easily email receipts to your customers.

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Data Analytics

Payroc is now able to share your customer data with you. Customer Insights, our powerful online tool, transforms your in-store, ecommerce, and mobile transactions into powerful customer insights that you can use to make smarter decisions and get better results.

  • Gain access to data driven solutions and tools that make it easy to manage your locations and grow your business.
  • Identify your best customers, learn what they like, and see where they live.
  • Engage in more efficient marketing, loyalty and expansion activities.
  • Identity regional trends, orient to your local market, and benchmark performance
  • Measure your results and see how your customers are changing over time.

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The Payroc Payment Gateway offers unsurpassed security and fast, reliable transaction processing every time you accept a credit card. The Payroc Payment Gateway works with a merchant account obtained from Payroc, and is even compatible with merchant accounts that have been set up with other providers.

  • Using our proprietary payment gateway is an easy way for merchants doing business on the Internet to accept payments while protecting themselves and their customers. It eliminates the cost of having to set up a complex, secure infrastructure of your own.
  • The Payroc Payment Gateway can be linked to a merchant account obtained from Payroc or from almost any other provider, including competitors. You can use it to accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, checks, and other electronic payments.
  • Our payment gateway can be integrated into nearly any shopping cart software or used as a stand-alone virtual terminal. You can run transactions directly on Payroc’s secure servers or via a secure server of your own.
  • If you need a shopping cart, we offer RediCart, a Perl-based shopping cart, free of charge.
  • If your business needs to do recurring billing, our payment gateway allows you to schedule repeat billing cycles without having to re-collect your customers’ information.
  • Even if you are away from the Internet, our gateway allows you to phone in a transaction without paying voice authorization fees.
  • We offer a free, fully functional version of the Payroc Payment Gateway to test with your website. Get one here.
  • Compatible shopping carts with our gateway.

Virtual Terminal:

The Payroc Payment Gateway includes a virtual terminal, which allows you to key in credit card numbers received anywhere, anytime. Our virtual terminal can process payments via a web browser on any computer or mobile device. It provides merchants an inexpensive, easy way to process credit cards and other forms of electronic payments.
Our Virtual Terminal allows you to:

  • Manually enter payment information using a computer keyboard or mobile device.
  • Submit and receive real-time payment authorizations.
  • Instantly generate emailed receipts.
  • Generate invoices and process recurring billings.
  • Issue refunds back to a customer’s credit card.
  • Safely store and retrieve customer information.
  • Easily transmit transaction batches.
  • Implement fraud-prevention features.
  • View complete transaction history.


Collect a customer’s checking information and upload and deposit directly to your bank account! As long as your bank is capable of accepting the NACHA file—this can be set up almost immediately.


Process checks electronically via the Automated Clearing House network. Typically cheaper than credit cards and ensure you give your customer every possible payment option. And best of all, it all works in our gateway so its simple and convenient

Cash Advance:

Does your business need cash? With Payroc, you can borrow against your monthly processing so that you can expand or grow your business.