Order Form Creation & Testing

We provide the following tools to guide you through your Payroc experience.

Merchant & Developer Toolkit

Follow this link for instructions on implementing Payroc’s services into your web site. Contains documentation for novices as well as advanced developers. Includes instructions for transaction testing and recurring transactions, and explains fraud control features.

Demonstration & Examples

This page contains sample forms, demonstrations, and the documentation needed to get you started quickly.

Video Training Modules

Several instructional videos have been created to assist you in the use of the Payroc Mobile apps. These modules will introduce you to the apps and give you instructions for use. We encourage you to view these videos at your earliest convenience.

Shopping Cart

RediCart is a simple, free Perl-based shopping cart system designed to enable you to accept credit card and/or check payments online in real-time. You may download RediCart here. If you will be integrating iTransact’s services into any other shopping cart system, please view the Merchant & Developer Toolkit.

Real-Time System Notifications

For immediate notice of anything affecting our connectivity or processing, please follow our Twitter page. For detailed communications about system issues and upgrades, please also subscribe to our Merchant Updates email list.

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